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We're only one step away. That's usually when the ground falls out from underneath your feet.

 –  Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

You know how they say we only use ten percent of our brains? M-hm? I think we only use ten percent of our hearts.

 –  Wedding Crashers

Hey Cameron. you realize if we played by the rules, right now we'd be in gym?

 –  Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Oh. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Come on.

 –  Turbulence

To infinity. And Beyond!

 –  Toy Story

The king of the north! The king of the north! The king of the north!

 –  Game of Thrones

I love these people get around boats and water, all of a sudden everything becomes fucking nautical! Astern, avast ye land lubbers, man the bilge pumps! Pump your fucking ass!

 –  Lethal Weapon 4

Tony Stark - I want one. No.

 –  Iron Man 2

You mind if I look around and see if anything's missing?

 –  The Fugitive

The fame thing isn't really real, you know. And don't forget. I'm also just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.

 –  Notting Hill