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I hate being called the brilliant one, the ruthless one, the guy everybody's afraid of. I hate it. I'm not so smart you know. I'm not so ruthless. Well, you're right, about the smart part.

 –  Thirteen Days

Myka Bering - OK, Radburn, drop the arrow!

 –  Warehouse 13

Cocksucker motherfucker!

 –  The 40 Year Old Virgin

No Way! That's great. We've Landed On The Moon! .

 –  Dumb and Dumber

Oh! You hate to see something like that at an event like this. Ugly protesters bothering beautiful people.

 –  Zoolander

Can he slap my ass a little? Don't be a fucking pervert, dude.

 –  Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Igor - You're putting me on.

 –  Young Frankenstein

Madame, perhaps you'd like to eat your luggage?

 –  Stripes

Backstabber! Yeah, don't anybody work with David Starsky. He'll stab you in the back.

 –  Starsky and Hutch

Bye bye goofy woman. I enjoyed repeatedly throwing you to the ground.

 –  Short Circuit

Ashley - Leon! Shoot those barrels on that wagon!

 –  Resident Evil 4